2 New songs from the new album !

This is RIGHT NOW !
Official music video for « Vanishing Point » is out today, and the pre-orders of the album are available with a second track, « Shape Shifter », streamed here : http://music.sunruinrecords.com !

This is the first extract of our second album « Glasrew Point », which will be available in September via Sunruin Records.
« Glasrew Point » is a double album AND a novel. More info soon.

Pre-orders: http://music.sunruinrecords.com

Tracklisting :

1. I Descend into the Deep
2. Dead Eyes
3. Strangers
4. Vanishing Point
5. Now Wakes the Sea
6. The Drift
7. Pilgrimage

8. Shelter view
9. Absence of Doubt
10. Shape Shifter
11. A Night of Dark Trees
12. The Skeptic and His Shadows
13. Sound of Salvation
14. Return Trip



News about the forthcoming album !

Some news about the new WHEELFALL album named « Glasrew Point » scheduled for September. A first song will be revealed very soon with a music video. Very very soon !

« One must recognise that, listening « Vanishing Point », WHEELFALL has changed. In a much heavier and tortured vein, the band obviously totally dropped the stoner rock à la Fu Manchu which made the band’s success. Fabien’s vocals are angrier than ever, recalling by many aspect Scott Kelly (Neurosis). With very heavy riffs, coupled with cavalcades of thrash/indus, it’s a powerful track that really makes you want to listen the forthcoming double album and its rich concept which will be full of surprises. »

Thank a lot !! Here’s the link : Clip report by Metal Cunt (in french)

Glasrew Point

Youtube and digipacks !

Hi guys !

« Interzone », our 2012 album is now available on youtube in its entirely… Don’t hesitate to share this as much as you can !
In addition,  the digipack of this album (with 12-page booklet full of illustrations) is now at 7€… Get it now here : http://music.sunruinrecords.com/album/interzone!

Cheers !


Interview for Guitariste-Metal.fr !

Hi !

Fabien just answered a big interview about WHEELFALL, CHAOS ECHOES, PHAZM and FWF, about gear, people, way to compose music… Very interesting ! (In french, btw).

Thanks to the website and Geoffroy Lagrange !

Here it is : http://guitariste-metal.fr/interview-de-fabien-w-furter-wheelfall-phazm-chaos-echoes-fwf/

Live studio Sessions 2013 – Free download

Yes. Again some fat sound !

Due to popular demand (thanks maniacs!), here’s a downloadable version of our live sessions recorded at La Forge Productions in July 2013 !

For free !

NEW Remixed and remaster The Melvins cover

THURSDAY, what a good day.

Here’s for you, REMIXED and REMASTERED with a crushing doomy outro, a cover of « Joan of Arc » by The Melvins, that we recorded in 2012 (La Forge Productions) for the split album with A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm !

For free download, feek free to play this track at VERY LOUD VOLUME. Thank you.

We’re back !

Near 1 year of silence soon over, and now we’re back with a double album that will be released soon!

WHEELFALL’s music is now evolving towards more free and extreme horizons, developing with no compromise the darkness of our beloved themes… And we’re very proud to announce that Thibaut Thieblemont plays now keyboards, additionnal guitar, backing vocals and machines in the band!





Dear followers, here’s our next gig. Our first in Konstanz (Germany) ! It’s 300 km from Nancy, 70 km only from Zurich, 215 km from Colmar.

Eschaton is scheduled for FRIDAY 31th JANUARY. With Circus Maxeus.
Hope to see you all there.

Here’s the FB link : CLICK FKN HERE

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