Making of The Atrocity Reports (pt. 3)

The 3rd of the making of the Atrocity Reports is here!
This one is centered on the recording of the album, with Gorgor of the Studios de la Forge, who recorded our albums Glasrew Point and Interzone !

Making of The Atrocity Reports (pt. 2)

Here’s the second part of a 4-episode series on the making of The Atrocity Reports, our new album coming October 6th (with english subtitles)!
This episode deals with the songwriting process of the band for The Atrocity Reports, with talk about drum machines, samples and being « in your face » !

Making of The Atrocity Reports (pt. 1)

You can watch now the first part (in a 4-episode series) of the making of The Atrocity Reports!
We’ll unveil what you can expect from the new album in termes of aggression and heaviness, and how the album was made behind the curtain!
All the episodes have english subtitles, so they can be shared worldwide !

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New Music Video OUT

Finally! The first music video from The Atrocity Reports is out, and it’s named « The Way to Every Crime is Ours ». It’s the first track of the album, and certainly one of the most aggressive… Well, it sets the mood for what happen next!
Warning: This video contains scenes of brutal violence.

Here’s the vimeo link (without restriction, but NSFW):

New bundles to raise funds for the new album

Hi !
As you may already know, we currently work on a new album, and we plan to enter the studio within a few months! We are really excited to record all these new songs; it already sounds really twisted and it goes to extremes that Glasrew Point was not able to reach. It will be a prolongation of the world of Glasrew Point, musically and thematically, but don’t expect us to butter you up, as always!

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