New bundles to raise funds for the new album

Hi !
As you may already know, we currently work on a new album, and we plan to enter the studio within a few months! We are really excited to record all these new songs; it already sounds really twisted and it goes to extremes that Glasrew Point was not able to reach. It will be a prolongation of the world of Glasrew Point, musically and thematically, but don’t expect us to butter you up, as always!

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New album & drummer

Hello everybody !

We’re very glad to announce you that the composition of the forthcoming album gave rise, the last week, to the recording of the first pre-productions demos. We worked hard but had fucking good times to bring up the themes, concepts and tracklisting of this new album, as we always want to surpass ourselves ! It feels real good… !

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As promised, here’s our full show at the almighty Tapette FEST 9 ! Thanks a lot to Apollo’s Mouse for this awesome video.
It was killer !