« The Atrocity Reports » Remix Album Vol. 2 is out

« The Atrocity Reports » remix album vol. II is now out on every streaming service and bandcamp (free or name your price)!

These one are again so different from the original songs that it makes it really interesting and fun. We have here ambient stuff, some strongly influenced by cloud rap and trap rap, some Aphex Twin types of things and even an “acoustic” one.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this, it is truly awesome!

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/37jfU0k
Bandcamp: https://wheelfall.bandcamp.com/

« The Atrocity Reports » available online with alternate Vinyl mastering

« The Atrocity Reports » was mastered in two different ways : the standard version (you can listen to on CD and all the streaming services as Spotify, ITunes, Deezer etc.) and an alternate version especially made for Vinyl. CDs and Vinyls are two very different formats, so they must have different mastering to suit their own particularities. We decided to put online now the Vinyl version.

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On the road… next month !

Hi !

We have the pleasure to announce that we’ll be part of TAPETTE FEST 2016 on June 24th !
See in the link the great bands we share the stage with. It’ll be great !

Tapette fest Line up
Soon we’ll announce more gigs around the TAPETTE FEST. Stay tuned !