New drum video !

Hi everybody !

Some time ago on Facebook, we asked you what song you would like to see in a « playthrough » video … And as promised, here it is!
We chose « Impenitent », one of the most aggressive tracks of the album, containing groove as weel as tricky parts.

So yes, you noticed, it’s a « drum video » and not another playthrough … I could not help interfering. Too many conventional playthrough videos and their pedagogical side pisses me off a little, so here, the idea was mostly to bring something other than a performance.
The video is therefore centered on Niko and the relationship he has with his instrument, on this song in particular. To try to experience the urgency and aggressiveness of the song with the musician, and identifying ourself with him as a spectator.

We hope you enjoy this video! Have a good time !
As always thanks a lot for your support and don’t hesitate to share our videos and songs if you like them !


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