New surprise album!

We are releasing today via Apathia Records an album with 7 remixed tracks, featuring members of EZ3kiel, Pryapisme, Chenille, MOKO, daski, II and more.
It displays a totally new look on the songs from our album « The Atrocity Reports », and as we gave carte-blanche to everybody, there are a lot of surprises here, ranging from Minimal Techno/EBM to unclassifiable electronic music, and even Ambient music. We are really proud to have work with such talented people, and very amazed by the result!

A new music video was directed Fabien W. Furter for the remix by Zero Gravity, available on youtube.

This released is « name-your-price » on bandcamp, and is available on every streaming service (Spotify, Deezer, Apple, etc.):

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Violence is Seduction [Remix By Tachyon Sea from Prypisme] 05:38
2. Violence is Seduction [Remix by Zhinomi] 04:31
3. The Way To Every Crime Is Ours [Remix by Zus from Chenille] 03:45
4. Violence is Seduction [Remix by Zero Gravity from EZ3kiel] 04:28
5. BLCKBL RMX [Remix by Mystic Cave Productions (daski, II)] 03:52
6. There is No You RMX [Remix by M.O.K.O] 03:23
7. Violence Is Seduction (Are You Serious RMX) [Remix by Zus from Chenille] 03:25